Jayden Jorgensen

Growing up in the peaceful countryside near Hastings, I am proud to call Hasting E-Free my home church. From my earliest days, I was drawn to the stories of Jesus, sparking a curiosity that led me to dive deep into apologetics and my faith. Along the way, I became passionate about apologetics and began to delve deeper into my faith, which, for me, was a blessing as I got to see more pointing to the Bible as the true word of God. I confidently could say I don’t follow Jesus because I want Him to be true but rather because I know He is true.
Dreaming of a career in ministry always felt like a far-off goal, especially at my age. But here I am today, happily serving the Lord among our youth—what an honor!
In college, I met my amazing wife, Mikhala. She’s not just beautiful, but it is her heart that reflects Christ’s love so brightly that captures my attentions so well. Together, we enjoy making music, watching the stars, or doing anything outdoors. Having her by my side in this wild journey we call life is a blessing beyond measure.