In order to accomplish our God-given mission to make disciples, we need a strategy.
We call this our Discipleship Pathway as depicted below.
We connect with God by accepting His offer of grace and forgiveness of our sins through Jesus Christ. This is the start of a new relationship with our Creator and Redeemer! We learn to talk and listen to Him in prayer and start to develop new relationships with others. Our action steps are: Accept Christ and Worship with others.
We grow spiritually by taking in and living out God’s truth. We do this both individually and with others. So our action steps are to: Get in the Bible and Get in a group! We have small groups which meet throughout the week and mid-sized groups that meet on Sunday mornings.
We are saved to serve! We serve the Lord, believers and unbelievers. The Holy Spirit gives every believer at least one spiritual gift to build up His body and serve others. Our action steps are to: know your gift and use your gift! We offer elective classes to teach how to know your gift as well as teach this material through small groups.
Each of us as believers has a faith story to tell. It’s the story of how God mercifully led us to Himself through the gospel message. But it’s not just for us! We are a part of God’s plan to reach the world with the gospel. So our action steps are to: Know your faith story and Share the gospel!