Christian Resources

Radio Bible Class – many booklets on life issues from a biblical worldview

Bible Gateway – online Bibles and concordance

Free Bible Software – free software (w/shipping fee) on wide range of subjects

Back to the Bible – online studies and helps

Next Step Resources – the EFCA’s book house, where most products are 20% off list price

Christian Book Distributors

Focus on the Family – wide range of personal and family concerns

Family Life – radio program and a host of family related helps

National Center for Fathering – helps for dads

Crown Ministries – many biblical and practical financial helps

Dave Ramsey – practical help on money management

Al Menconi Ministries – movie and video game reviews

Plugged In – movie, video, media reviews

Made to Matter – excellent workplace articles and email devotionals

My Bridge Radio – listen to God’s Word through Nebraskan Christian radio